Our Work

Toorourrong Reservoir, Whittlesea, VIC

Method: Hydromulching to areas where poor or no vehicle access is available

Activities: Assisted with the $5million redevelopment after the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires by establishing 1.8ha of cool season grass for recreational use throughout Parks Victoria's Parkland.

Client: Parks Victoria

Airport Drive, Tullamarine, VIC

Method: Hydromulching

Activities: Carried out grass installation to nature strips, tight narrow areas as well as large open steep areas to assist with delivering this project on time for client as they were pushed for time. These areas weren't accessible by tractors that the head contractor was using. Around the retarding basin assisted with soil stabilisation through hydromulching as first part of application then the grass that germinated provided the longer term result of having this area completely grassed.

Client: John Holland Group and Melbourne Airport

Tottenham Pipeline, North Western Suburbs, VIC

Method: Hydromulching and direct drill seeding via tractors

Activities: Establishment of 12ha of grass into disturbed areas within parklands, waterways and open areas as well as alongside residential properties after sewer upgrade works. Combined hydromulching and direct drill seeding to carry out the works due to accessible and inaccessible areas.

Client: John Holland Group including Melbourne Water and Parks Victoria and local councils

Clarinda Park, Cranbourne, VIC

Method: Hydromulching

Activities: Grassing of 1.4ha of nature strips, open areas, and recreational use in tight narrow areas throughout the housing estate while construction was still being undertaken. Have been able to carry this work out when and as required for client to meet deadline and outcomes.

Client: MZL

Fosterville Gold Mine, VIC

Method: Bonded Fibre Matrix (Enviroguard)

Activities: Installation of native shrubs and tree seeds onto heavily eroded rock embankments of mine site for revegetation purposes around their tailings dams and general areas on the site.

Client: Croc Gold

Cranbourne West Primary School, VIC

Method: Hydromulching

Activities: Creation of new soccer oval play space and tidy up works after the main ground preparations works were completed at this primary school in Southern suburbs of Melbourne.

Client: Garden Ridge Landscaping

Dandenong West Primary and Dandenong Primary Schools, VIC

Method: Hydromulching

Activities: Undertook remediation grassing works after landscaping contractors works throughout the school grounds. Grassed areas of the school's sports/play areas covering approximately 1200m2 at each school.Worked in with schools operating times to undertake the work.

Client: Yellowstone

Oakdene Estate, Ocean Grove, VIC

Method: Hydromulching

Activities: Installation of 1ha of grass to nature strips and reserves/open space throughout the estate along with swale drains for immediate erosion control with long term grass coverage as the end result.

Client: BC Gardens