Site Environment Controls

Aquaseeding's services are ideal for treating project critical matters such as stock pile management, dust suppression and erosion control.

We can work with you to recommend the best solution to protect the environment from the impacts of land development and construction projects.

Erosion Control

A wide range of "spray-on" techniques are available to cover many forms of erosion control.

These include:

  • HydroMulching
  • StrawMulching
  • HydroSprigging
  • HydroSeeding (in conjunction with StrawMulching)

These spray-on technologies were developed specifically for large-scale applications on major earthworks projects where revegetation was a principal strategy for erosion control and where time and cost were critical. Rather than using built structures, such as masonry walls, natural vegetation is used for a "green" anti-erosion surface stabiliser.

The foliage protects the surface layer and the root system binds the soil substructure and with the right choice of ingredients, excellent erosion control can be achieved in quite varied climates and local conditions.

Special slurries have been formulated to instantly stabilise and protect erosion susceptible surfaces whilst holding seeds close to the earth so they can germinate and facilitate growth of protective leaf and root structures. The technique is even more cost effective in areas difficult to access, having irregular terrains, or where conventional surface preparation is impractical (eg. some mines and quarries, steep roadside batters, forests after bushfires and water affected ground)

Dust Suppression

Another product that can be used as an alternative when a natural vegetative result is not appropriate on sites is EnviroSeal spray-on dust inhibitor.

Where dry and windy conditions are apparent with little warning due to changing weather, this quick and cost-effective spray-on solution is ideal for sealing soil piles that will sit for longer than 24hrs. This minimises the impact of soil erosion, dust in the atmosphere and stockpile loss.

EnviroSeal is a process in which cellulose fibre, water and tackifiers are homogenously mixed and sprayed to form a seal over areas where dust and erosion control are required. Tackifiers are sticking agents that bind soil particles together and protect the surface from wind and water erosion.

When applied with hydraulic mulch, tackifiers increase the effectiveness of the mulch as a soil cover by binding the hydraulic mulch fibres and the surface soil particles together. Tackifiers create water stable surfaces, which means they are capable of repeated wetting and drying and do not lose strength after a series of rain events.

Sterile grass varieties can be added to this mix for longer term application solutions where conditions or sites will have delays or sectional programing. Applications where it has proven track records are in mining, quarrying, construction and material dump sites.

Controlling dust across a job site is a tough job for any client working on a construction site. The ease in which this environmental headache can be controlled via our range of spray on tackifiers saves money, time and resources. Haul roads, stock piles and open cleared areas are all easily treated.

Site Environmental Control Equipment

Aquaseeding has trucks with a tank capacity of either 8000l or 2000l. The larger tank increases the speed and efficiency of application on large sites, but the smaller tank allows for ease of access in restricted height/access areas. This means we can undertake any scale of work in a safe and efficient manner, while meeting project deadlines.

Site Preparation

There is really no form of site preparation when looking at controlling dust or erosion issues as the application of tackifiers are used over any surface, stock pile or eroded area.

When using Hydromulching for erosion control, this should take place after the final slope shaping and topsoil placement has been completed and the prepared surface should be free of weeds and large stones.

Standard Application Rate

  • 500kg to 3000kg per ha
  • Dye is used as an indicator to the operator to ensure a uniform coverage
  • Applied via purpose built hydromulching trucks.
  • Tackifiers between 4-7 kg per ha depending upon the degree of slope.

Advantages of Site Environmental Controls

  • Protection against standard wind and rain erosion for up to 3months
  • Immediate, quick and easy solutions to issues of dust, erosion and stock pile management
  • Prevention of EPA fines and notices
  • Low cost alternative to other site environmental control measures